Washing Machine & Dishwasher Installation


Let our install experts take the pain out of your plumbing: we’ll get you hooked up to your existing water connections so you’re up and running in no time.

From $25

Installation options 

See our install experts in action:

  • We’ll make sure your water and electricity connections are safe and hook your new kit up

  • We’ll check it's all working properly and talk you through the settings

  • If it's a smart appliance, we'll connect it to your Wi-Fi, download the relevant apps and show you how it works

  • We’ll dispose of the packaging free of charge, so you’re not left with polystyrene problems

Every week, thousands of customers rate our delivery and installation service 10/10* – so if you’ve got a new washing machine or dishwasher, there’s no better way to get it up and running.

Book your installation today, and we’ll make an appointment at a time that suits you – and give you a call when we’re 30 minutes away.

Our delivery & install experts can deliver and connect your new kit in the same visit. We’ll make sure your connections are safe, hook it all up and give you a complete demo, so you can get started straight away. And to make things even easier, we’ll even take away and recycle your new kit’s packaging.

All you need to do to get started is add our Kit Installation to your basket online or in-store – or just  give us a call today on (800) 381-8784 and we’ll do the rest.

*Source: US Repairs

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Before we arrive...

Here's a helpful checklist to make sure you're all set for your installation:

Make sure you have the necessary water & electricity connections within 1.5m of where your kit needs to be installed

Make sure our delivery & install experts have clear access to the area. If stairs are involved, we’ll need room to manoeuvre the appliance 

We’ll need someone responsible at home to sign for the installation 

If it’s a smart appliance, we’ll need your Wi-Fi network name and password

Got a question about any of the above?  Give us a call on (800) 381-8784



Installation options

Washing machine $25
Smart washing machine $40
Washer-dryer  $25
Dishwasher $25

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