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From smart doorbells to smart thermostats, smoke alarms to security systems – our experts can set up the latest in smart home kit.

From $40

Set-up options 

Find out more about our Smart Home Set-up:

  • We’ll set up or install your new smart home kit exactly where you need it and connect it to your Wi-Fi network

  • We’ll download and set up the apps you need on your smartphone or tablet

  • We’ll give you a full demo of how it works

The age of the Smart Home has begun – and our experts can help start you on your smart home journey by getting you up and running. So if you need a hand getting to grips with the latest smart home kit, give us a call today. 

From smart doorbells to the latest smart thermostats, we’ll get you connected in no time. We’ll help you find the best location for your new kit, connect it to your home network and download any relevant apps to your phone or tablet.

And to help you get started straight away, we’ll give you a full demo of how your new kit works – including handy tips to save you time and effort in your daily life. 

To book, just ask for a smart home set-up when you purchase your kit in-store, or add it to your order when you shop online at – or simply give us a call on (800) 381-8784.

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We can set up:

  • Nest, Netatmo & Tado thermostats
  • Nest wired & wireless smoke alarms 
  • Samsung SmartThings & Swann One starter kits
  • Ring video doorbells & cameras 

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Smart Home Set-up options

Smart Smoke Alarm From $40
Smart Doorbell From $50
Smart Security From $50
Smart Thermostat From $70

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Book your Smart Home Set-up when you shop at any store – check our Store Locator.
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Already got some smart home kit you need setting up? Give us a call today to book a Smart Home Set-up.

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Add a Smart Home Set-up to your order when you shop online at .
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