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Get to grips with all life’s kit with our easy-to-follow video guides – jam-packed full of handy hints & tips to help you get the most out of modern technology.

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  • Learn how to use Windows, Apple or Android and Google – so you can get the most from your computer, phone or tablet

  • Quick and easy video tutorials you can follow at your own pace

  • Includes hundreds of tips & tricks you’ll use every day

Today’s tech can be tough to get to grips with – but with our series of simple, helpful video guides, you’ll be up to speed in no time. 

Whether it’s taming your tablet, figuring out your phone or coming to terms with your computer, we’ve got an online video guide to help you out. 

These easy-to-follow guides help you get started and run you through the basics and answer all common questions – before going on to share advanced tips and tricks that’ll give you expert knowledge in an instant. 

Sign up now, and you’ll get a year's access to all our guides for every device we cover – so whatever kit you end up with in future, you’ll be able to get started straight away. And whenever new features are launched, we’ll make sure the guides are up to date. 

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We have guides for:

  • Windows
  • Microsoft Office
  • Mac
  • iPad 
  • iPhone
  • Android tablets
  • Android phones 
  • Chromebooks 

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Online Tutorial options


Online Tutorial


Get a year's access to all of our simple, powerful video tutorials – covering Windows, Mac, Chromebook and tablets.


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