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Protect your mobile phone from the worst life can throw at it with comprehensive insurance and Expert Support for your kit from Carphone Warehouse.

From $5 per month

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  • A simple and easy claims process, in-store or over the phone

  • A replacement mobile delivered the next working day

  • Expert Support 24/7, 365 days a year, for all your tech troubles

Your phone is more than just a way of making calls: it’s at the centre of your work, family and social life. That’s why it’s worth protecting your phone with our Mobile Complete insurance – the best way to defend your phone from anything life can throw at it. 

Mobile Complete protects your phone from theft, loss and damage, including liquid damage. It doesn’t even matter if it’s out of warranty – with Mobile Complete, you’re still protected. 

And when something does go wrong, we’ll make sure you’ve got a replacement mobile delivered the next working day following acceptance of your claim and payment before 5pm, so you can get on with your life with minimal disruption. 

But we’re not just on hand for breakdowns. You’re also covered by our Expert Support – offering comprehensive technical support and advice, over the phone or in-store, whenever you need it.

In short, there’s no better way to protect yourself from all kind of mobile mishaps – see below for more info.

Independently rated 5 star

US Repairs Mobile Complete has a 5 star rating from Defaqto – the independent researcher of financial products. That means we have one of the highest-quality offerings in the market.

Our cover includes

  • Damage to your phone, including liquid damage that affects how the phone works 
  • Theft & loss 
  • Breakdown of your phone after the manufacturer’s or US Repair's warranty expires 
  • Accessories costing up to $300 purchased from Carphone Warehouse that are stolen, lost or damaged at the same time as your phone
  • Worldwide cover 
  • 24/7 Expert Support and advice over the phone to help with setup, customisation & sync, consultation, data transfer and troubleshooting 
  • Expert Support also in store at over 100 locations nationwide. Visit our US Repairs website to find a Service Centre near you 
  • Remote assistance – our experts can connect straight to your smartphone to fix problems. Compatibility and functions are dependent on operating system, mobile and connection 


Our cover doesn't include 

  • Any claim for theft or loss that occurs whilst the user has deliberately left the phone unattended and unsecured 
  • Any claim for theft from an unattended vehicle, unless the vehicle was locked and the phone concealed from view 
  • The excess you need to pay towards any claim – although there's no excess on breakdown 
  • Any claim when you haven't paid your premiums 
  • Any claim for unauthorised use
  • Other exclusions & exceptions apply – see our full insurance terms and conditions here (PDF).

US Repairs is a trading name of The Carphone Warehouse Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.



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